Introduction to the art of calligraphy

What is calligraphy?

The dictionary definition is ‘the ability to write beautifully, correctly and neatly‘ and perhaps these three qualities best describe the art of calligraphy. The history of beautiful writing is almost as long as the history of the written word itself. The multitude of varieties and forms of calligraphy is a result of this fact. Perhaps the most basic division that arises from the long history of writing is that between the alphabet and logographic writing. On, however, we will focus on the alphabet, specifically on its Latin variety.

Various written characters

However, the art of calligraphy is not only about aesthetically pleasing and neat writing. Inherent in good calligraphy are ornaments and embellishments that make calligraphic writing unique and one-of-a-kind. The strength of good calligraphy is also correct proportion. Much attention is also paid to the additional benefits that come from knowing calligraphy. These include qualities such as patience, diligence, attention to detail and better concentration. It was therefore not without reason that learning calligraphy was still a compulsory subject at school in Poland in the last century.

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