CaliDraw – calligraphy sheet generator

CaliDraw is online generator of printable calligraphy practice worksheets for learning calligraphy. When you hover over the option you want, you will see a detailed description or instructions. You can use the generated and printed sheets as a template to practice in our italic calligraphy tutorial. If you have any problems or concerns, a contact form can be found on the generator page.

Please note that as of January 2015, the generator has been translated into English and can be found at the new address:

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Calidraw v 1.4 (01-07-2022)

  • Minor UX/UI enhancements

Calidraw v 1.3 (22-04-2017)

  • Added option to switch vertical auxiliary lines (slants) on and off
  • Added option to select continuous or dashed lines
  • In addition to information on line proportions and slant angle, the sheet now includes the name of the typeface (if the typeface is selected from the list)
  • Minor corrections and improvements

Calidraw v 1.2 (15-01-2017)

  • Improved the visual layer of the generated sheet (alignment of elements, better quality of logos, visibility of lines, etc.).
  • Improved handling of variables, and automatic correction of the most common errors in settings
  • Updated the PDF generation engine to the latest version
  • Added typeface: Foundational, Roman Capital

Calidraw v 1.1 (03-01-2015)

  • Moving the generator to a new external address –
  • Translated into English
  • Added option to select a colour scheme, in addition to the default there is also a “High Contrast” perfect for highlighting
  • New sizes have been added to the paper sheets
  • Redesigned layout
  • Improved readability of the generated sheets

Calidraw v 1.0 (07-03-2013)

  • Improved readability of the generator interface.
  • Changed the appearance of the sheets: logo added, x-height line mark added, aesthetic improvements.
  • Added ability to enter custom line spacing and angle.
  • Added ability to select sheet orientation.
  • New typeface Spencerian added.
  • The module responsible for generating slants has been rewritten. It is now much more precise.
  • Removed sheet size: A5 due to its negligible popularity
  • Removed option to set custom margins

Calidraw v 0.7 (27-02-2013)

  • Cancelaresca typeface added.
  • Minor corrections to the generator code.

Calidraw v 0.6 (10-04-2012)

  • Improved visibility of auxiliary lines following comments about their poor visibility.

Calidraw v 0.4 (06-12-2011)

  • Expansion of the database of pen and nib manufacturers
  • Added typeface Fraktura

Calidraw v 0.3 (02-12-2011)

  • Added ability to select nib thickness according to its manufacturer
  • Uncial typeface added
  • Minor corrections